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For requests about having your child with a life-threatening medical condition sponsored by Tori's Angels Foundation, please call 641-755-2011 (option 1).

If it appears your child may qualify, you will be sent an application.  


(1) All information is strictly confidential and for Tori’s Angels Foundation use only.


(2) Sponsored children must have health insurance. 


(3) Our grants are not for living expenses such as rent, mortgages, utility payments or household groceries.   

(4) The child’s physician(s) will be contacted to confirm diagnosis of a life-threatening condition.  


(5) Payments for services provided for the sponsored child are made directly to service providers. 

(6) Approved families cannot accept funds from other community fundraisers that would directly compete with the foundation’s benefits in support of your child, unless the event is already scheduled at the time of this application.   

(7) Approved families agree to support a benefit for your child and the foundation by providing names of 3-5 persons to assist the foundation in planning a fundraising event.  Applicants also agree to promote the benefit to friends and family as widely as possible.  The child’s family is not asked to take responsibility for any part of the benefit. 

(8) We pay for services rendered on or after the Date of Acceptance as a supported child until the child’s 19th birthday. 

*Please be aware that funds are limited and based on availability. Children must meet eligibility requirements of Tori’s Angels Foundation.* 

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